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Righard Kaap answers 21 Questions

DM‘s graphic designer answers 21 Questions in 2021 for Maverick Insiders

Righard Kaap


Paris towards the end of the 19th century, maybe old enough at that point to dodge WW1. At the time modernism still seems very exciting with innovative thought happening in all disciplines of art, literature and science.

The “aint’ nobody got time fo’ dat” lady is the most quoted person in my household.

If videogames count; Dark Souls.

I have an essay in me about the game design of the 90’s pinball table Medieval Madness, which is superficially very simple but rewards strategically delaying goals and builds up huge risk/reward stakes, all the while defusing tension with genuinely funny Monty Python-esque sound samples (fun fact: pre-fame Tina Fey voices one of the damsels).

Telepathically communicate with any animal, also persuasiveness. I can see the headlines: ‘Transit heist foiled by gaggle of angry geese”.

Jimi Hendrix
Lee Ranaldo
Bill Hicks
Michael Palin
My partner Zanele.

“Sallow” by Ella Joyce Buckley

When I was younger I  dreamt of being a car designer, worshipping at the feet of Giugiaro and Bertone.

My spirit animal is the otter.

That it made working from home suddenly seem very feasible.

A Nataniël pan, my mother still uses it daily after 5 years and it looks brand new.

The book “Animals and Objects in and out of Water”, a collection of Jay Ryan’s poster illustrations

I greeted a well known curator by someone else’s name and he did not seem pleased.

There’s a huge difference between thinking something and doing something.

MacGuyver, the quintessential pacifist you could root for.
More recently Black Mirror and Mr Robot .

I am already an inanimate object on Saturdays and Sundays. So, me?

Winter generally, you can do something about cold but you can’t do anything about heat.

The gig economy and robocalls.