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Richard Poplak answers 20 Questions

Trainspotter Richard Poplak answers our questions.

Richard Poplak


There are two types of people. Those whose favourite book is the religious text pertinent to their faith. And the faithless. I belong to the latter group.

Neither. Bar, obviously. 

This is it, baby!

There are two types of people. Those whose favourite film is Blade Runner. And tasteless hacks. I belong to the former group.

I’d love to read someone’s mind who is simultaneously reading my mind, so that we mind-dance in an ever-expanding subjective-objective feedback loop, an infinite mirror of pure understanding and revelation.

Look, life isn’t supposed to be easy.

There are no secrets in journalism.

I’m looking for a David Goldblatt that will really bring the living-room together.

This is probably a bad time to bring up my fetish for former reality TV star real estate magnates.


So long as its keto.

You lost me at job.
If social media platforms were ever to allow rampant racism, anti-Semitism, misogyny and ethno-nationalism to get out of hand, I think that would be terrible.
Abie and Hymie, two elderly gentlemen of the Hebriac faith, are sitting on a park bench.

Abie says: Hymie, I bought the best hearing-aid money could buy. I didn’t care the cost. A brilliant hearing-aid. The best. Top notch. Who cares the money.

Hymie says: Hmph. What kind is it?

Abie looks at his watch.

Abie: 3:30.

There would be no ministries. But the prisons would be teeming with my foes.

Legions and legions of 3D printers. I don’t know why I’m the only person to think of this.

White males get away with nothing in this age of overblown political correctness.