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So this is the page where we try to convince you to support Daily Maverick financially. We try to come up with something beautiful & heart-rending, but still cute; maybe we paraphrase a line from a great movie; maybe an echo from a song that would appeal to our readers’ better angels.

Not this time.

There’s an eternal battle fought on the pages of Daily Maverick every day, a battle for better future, a battle against lies and corruption and stupidity and incompetence and duplicity and ignorance. The battle for truth.

After many years of austerity, South African newsrooms are devastated. We at Daily Maverick managed to survive through a combination of private shareholder funding, grants, events and generally being a frugal bunch.

We firmly believe that our work should be available to as many people as possible, and that we should remain a free-to-air online daily.

And yet, Independence and Commitment to Public Service cost a lot these days.

So the poetry needs prose. In order to win the battle for truth, day after day, we need your help. Please fill in any of the fields below that you feel you can afford and that we deserve. It will go a long way, we promise.

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