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Introducing Daily Maverick’s Top Stories on Google Messages

Get your news in chat format.

Daily Maverick is piloting a chat new service designed specifically for our Android users.

We’re now offering you the convenience of having the day’s top stories delivered straight to your Android phone via the Messages by Google app using the new Rich Communication Services (RCS) messaging standard.

You are also able to interact with the service, sign up to newsletters, send questions to our journalists, and browse items from our shop.

The service is available for anyone with an Android device on all South African mobile networks.

How do I join?

Please and refresh the page to join.

What is Rich Communication Services (RCS) messaging?

RCS is a modern messaging standard that improves upon SMS and MMS. It allows for more dynamic and secure messaging using text or high resolution images and video, and can be used both on mobile data and WiFi.

Is there a charge to using the service?

There is no charge to this using service from your mobile network operator, but standard mobile data charges may apply if you are using mobile data.

How do I install the Messages app?

If you don’t already have the app installed, please visit the app on the Play Store.

Is this service available on Apple or other non-Android devices?

Unfortunately not at this time.

Can I unsubscribe?

Yes, you can unsubscribe at any time by typing “STOP” in the chat box. If you have any issues, please contact us.

I have a technical problem, please help.

Please contact us and we will try assist.