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Janet Heard answers 20 Questions

20 Questions We Ask Everyone

Our Managing Editor, Janet Heard, has taken a few minutes off running the show to answer the 20 Questions We Ask Everyone.

Janet Heard

Managing editor

Any book written by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.

The ocean.

The agonising (phone-less), idle wait for somebody who is late.
A year as a Nieman fellow. Writing an “up yours” column to an infamous media owner regarding the paper’s “wraparound” coverage of the death of Nelson Mandela (I quit the Cape Times shortly after, rudely given 24 hours to leave the building.)
My son’s as-yet-to-be-seen 3 minute film that he has spent a year working on, in a group, at Animation School.
Peddlers of disinformation.
Piano player (as long as nobody is listening).
Steve, my husband.
Can you check these 20 questions quick.
My mother, all mothers, especially single mothers.
Scumbags who rip off the poor.
My mother’s health bread and choc mousse, Steve’s spaghetti Bol, my friend’s dagga cookie and a bottle of Springfield Life From The Stone.
Tortured a serial child rapist.
Conning my way into a short-lived job as a Silver service waitress at a posh hotel in Cornwall while backpacking overseas.
State security-leaked porn videos.
If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito.

Spraypainting – in giant red letters – “The People Shall Govern” on a neighbour’s wall in the suburb where I grew up during Apartheid’s State of Emergency.

My colleague, Jill Green’s calm Zen superpower