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Greg Nicolson answers 20 Questions

Senior Daily Maverick Journalist,  Greg Nicolson, answers our questions.

Greg Nicolson

Senior Daily Maverick Journalist

This book of uplifting cartoons my dad gave me when I was a little kid.

Can’t I have both?

That we needed a pandemic to learn basic hygiene.

I made the front cover of the New York Times once. I didn’t take the photo, but I was in it!

Don’t know about my favourite, but Björk’s ‘Dancer in the Dark’ is nuts.

People who cut their nails on the train.

I think I can sing, but I’ve been advised to keep it secret.

That’s great! The restrictions seemed quite tough. Hope they continue easing. Say hi to everyone for me. Love Greg.

My partner, Tendai.

Tendai’s tripe.

Pasta. Tacos. Pasta tacos. Taco pastas!

Are dad jokes punishable by death?

Cleaner at a fish and chips shop.

Rihanna and Beyonce dating.

“From little things big things grow.”

Until now, avoiding answering these questions.