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Funding Disclosure

Daily Maverick receives funding from outside parties in addition to commercial and reader revenue to fund its independent journalism. Daily Maverick does not allow any relationship with an advertiser or funder to compromise the editorial integrity and independence of its journalism.

This page outlines the nature of funding received and the meaning of various disclosures on content published on Daily Maverick.

“Supported by”

The term “supported by” is used on editorially independent content where Daily Maverick has received grant funding from an outside organisation to financially support editorial initiatives. This content is written and edited by Daily Maverick journalists and staff, with no oversight, influence or participation from the funding party.

“Sponsored Content”

Sponsored content is a form of advertising where companies pay to publish their marketing messages on Daily Maverick. Advertisers supply Daily Maverick with the copy, images and any relevant multimedia content that is published in these articles. As with all advertising, sponsored content does not necessarily reflect the views of Daily Maverick’s editorial team.

Sponsored content published on Daily Maverick is clearly marked with the term “SPONSORED CONTENT” highlighted above the article title. These articles are also outlined with a distinct blue border when appearing on Daily Maverick’s homepage.

General Grant Funding

Daily Maverick receives grant funding from various organisations through Inkululeko Non Profit Company – Daily Maverick’s non-profit arm. This grant funding is used to further our independent journalism initiatives like Scorpio investigations, climate crisis reporting, Maverick Citizen,  internship training, and various other long term projects.