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Ferial Haffajee answers 20 Questions

20 Questions We Ask Everyone

This week it’s Associate Editor Ferial Haffajee’s turn to answers our questions.

Ferial Haffajee


Too many. Of late, Charles Abrahams ‘Class Action’ – a story of a Cape Town lawyer who was part of most major class action lawsuits. A delight. To understand state capture, I have returned to Misha Glenny’s ‘McMafia’ time and again in the past decade.
Interviewing Nelson Mandela or fighting off nine (or so) gag attempts in court.
Four Weddings and a Funeral.
The Gini coefficient. It explains everything.
More an aspiration than talent – I want to be a really supple yogi.
Branko (Daily Maverick editor-in-chief).
I fractured my foot on a picnic.
Nelson Mandela (all time) and Ethiopian prime minister Abiy Ahmed (presently).
Jacob Zuma (for the past decade) . He ruined our country. Also Saudi Arabian crown prince Mohamed Bin Salman who is getting away with chopping up journalist Jamal Kashoggi and grilling his remains in a tandoori oven.
Definitely prawns.
Annoyed a fascist politician – I am so happy to live in a country which outlawed capital punishment.
Woolworths sales assistant.
Facebook and Twitter; and high data costs (in SA).
Not a quote, but an essay called “How much land does a man need?” by Leo Tolstoy – it is a reflection on how much is enough by way of accumulation.
My dream house with yoga shala, big windows and a long pool.
Nothing. I even pay my e-tolls.