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Diana Neille answers 20 Questions

20 Questions We Ask Everyone

This week Chronicle’s Boss Lady, Diana Neille, jumps into the hotseat to answer 20 Questions We Ask Everyone.

Diana Neille

MD, Chronicle Digital

I’m feeling the pressure to say it’s something intellectual and brilliant or timeless and topical, like Infinite Jest or Manufacturing Consent, but I’m just going to go ahead and be dead honest: it’s Harry Potter.
Beach if it’s the Wild Coast, otherwise bush. Pretty soon we’ll be able to do both at the same time, though. #climatechange
Surviving year three of the media start-up game.
What a cruelly difficult question. Most recent feature favourite is, well, The Favourite. And Roma. And Ladybird. Most recent documentary favourites are American Animals and Shirkers.
Bathabile Dlamini’s. It may read like a poorly subbed Hulett’s sugar packet. Or maybe there’s some truly fascinating shit locked away in there.
People brushing their teeth. GAH.
I can turn my right arm around 360 degrees. My doctor says I probably shouldn’t pull that little biscuit out at parties any more, though.
My business partner and co-director extraordinaire, Richard Poplak.
The Favourite won at Baftas (told you I liked it).
Greta Gerwig.
The politicians who have hollowed out our arts and culture institutions (and all our other institutions, too).
I have known the answer to this question since I was 6. A stack of pancakes dripping in cinnamon sugar and lemon juice and a mug of Five Roses tea. It’s possible Diabetes is what’s used to execute me.
If I told you there’d be evidence against me…
Waitress at F-TV Pretoria when I was 17. The manager threw a glass at my head once.
If I could remember inspirational quotes I’d probably be a lot further in life by now.
Women. Wait, do we have one of those already?
Refer to question 14.
Is it just me or are there a lot of crime-y type insinuations in this questionnaire??