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Daily Maverick Best Sellers – June 2019

Our list is compiled from print sales data and other sources. It represents the bestselling books in South Africa from the previous four weeks to 6 June 2019, and combines Fiction and Non-fiction best sellers.

Ganster State
Months on the list:  2
Previous rank: 1

#1. Gangster State

by Pieter-Louis Myburgh

The DM’s own P-LM storms to the top of the list with his exposé on the joker in the ANC’s “Top Six” deck, a certain fellow called Ace. His book is (still) the runaway No. 1.

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F-ck
Months on the list:  2
Previous rank: 3

#2. The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck

by Mark Manson
Zen and the art of running out of f*cks to give, on purpose, as quickly as possible. People aren’t just born not giving a f*ck, after all: you’ve got to learn it. Start here
The Butterfly Room
New on the List

#3. The Butterfly Room

by Lucinda Riley

When she’s not writing Seven Sister books, Riley produces “absorbing family sagas set in glamorous locations” (Daily Mail). Here, Posy Montague is confronted by an agonising decision – and a face from her past.

The 5 AM Club
Months on the list:  2
Previous rank: 4

#4. The 5am Club

by Robin Sharma
Own your mornings, master your life – and try not to think too hard about the book directly above this one in the rankings, lest you stop giving a f*ck about being an early riser and conquering all challenges in your path.
LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01
Months on the list:  2
Previous rank: 6

#5. The Mister

by EL James

Just who is Alessia Demachi? Can Maxim Trevelyan protect her from the malevolence that threatens her? Does this malevolence include vanilla BDSM? Maybe she likes the malevolence? Only those who read this book will truly know.

Diary of an Awesome Friendly Kid
New on the List

#6. Diary of an Awesome Friendly Kid

by Jeff Kinney
Kinney, who toured SA earlier this year, starts a new line in his Wimpy Kid series, featuring Greg Heffley’s good friend Rowley, who agrees to write Greg’s biography – with predictably hilarious consequences.
King of Kings
Months on the list:  2
Previous rank: 2

#7. King of Kings

by Wilbur Smith

Smith’s two dynasties, the Courtneys and the Ballantynes, meet again in this sequel to The Triumph of the Sun. The plot involves places like Abyssinia, women named Saffron and men named Ryder. You get the idea.

Months on the list:  2
Previous rank: 5

#8. Becoming

by Michelle Obama
The autobiography of America’s first black First Lady, and hopefully the first book in a trilogy that includes Becoming President and Becoming President, Again.
Christo Wiese – Risk and Riches
New on the List

#9. Christo Wiese – Risk & Riches

by TJ Strydom

When one of South Africa’s richest men encountered a certain furniture group called Steinhoff, things went, erm, awry. Strydom’s book tells Wiese’s story from a sympathetic perspective. (Eng & Afr Editions)

Everything is F-cked A Book About Hope
New on the List

#10. Everything is F*cked: A Book About Hope

by Mark Manson
It’s a bit f*cking unfair that Manson has two titles in the Top Ten, but his formula is irresistible. He tackles the question of how to be an optimist in a world going to sh*t.