Sharon Van Wyk

Award-winning writer and film-maker Sharon van Wyk was born in England but fell in love with Africa at an early age, spending large parts of her childhood in Kenya, South Africa and what is now Zimbabwe. She began working in journalism in the early 1980s, with stints on newspapers and magazines in the UK before moving back to South Africa permanently in 1990, where she served a 10-year term at the Pretoria News before striking out as a freelancer, working regularly with the Mail & Guardian and Africa Geographic whilst contributing to a wide variety of newspapers, magazines, periodicals and digital platforms. Sharon specialises in conservation and tourism and the inter-relationships between the two and is the recipient of a Siemens Profile Award for science writing and a Kudu Award for environmental journalism. A former tour operator, she also served as chairperson of the Southern Africa Tourism Services Associations Gauteng chapter.