Sabelo Chalufu

Sabelo Chalufu is a Correctional Officer, based in Nelspruit. Between 2008 and '09 he was a student at UJ, majoring in marketing and business management. He abandoned those studies halfway as a result of a number of reasons - chief among them being finances, or the lack thereof. He had been trying to get a business started - with little success and much frustration, culminating in him writing President Jacob Zuma an open letter in Mid 2011 in the City Press entitled "What more must I do to succeed?" It was in the latter part of that period - and, mostly owing to his many disappointments - where he realised that, as an outsider, one stands a snowball's chance in hell of "making it" in South Africa. Sabelo started studying Law with UNISA in January 2013 he is now in his second year. (In the latter part of 2013 he joined the Democratic Alliance and have been an ordinary member since.)

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