Peter Knights & Adam Welz

Peter Knights is Executive Director of WildAid, an international non-profit with headquarters in San Francisco and its largest office in Beijing. Knights created the first international program to reduce the demand for wildlife products in 1996, using sophisticated advertising techniques, donated airtime, and celebrity spokespeople to spread the message "When the buying stops, the killing can too". WildAid works with over 100 celebrities around the world to save threatened species like rhinos, elephants, sharks, pangolins and manta rays, rolling out high-quality media campaigns which have garnered hundreds of millions of dollars in donated media space. Knights holds a B. Sc. in economics from the London School of Economics. Adam Welz has been the South African representative of WildAid, an international non-profit that campaigns against the trade in threatened wildlife species, since early 2015. Born and bred in South Africa, his career has encompassed investigative environmental journalism, photography and filmmaking on four continents. He studied zoology, botany, economics and fine art at a couple of South African universities and gets seasick while looking at albatrosses.