Oyama Mabandla

Oyama Mabandla holds BA in Political Science from University of California and Juris Doctor from Columbia University. He has served as the Deputy Chief Executive Officer of South African Airways (Pty) Ltd.; as General Counsel for South African Airways (Pty) Ltd. (SAA) and as the Chairman of Vodacom. He has also served as an advocate at the South African Bar and is an Executive Chairman of Langa Group, as well as former Member of the advisory board of JP Morgan. He held several Directorships, including at Mvelaserve Ltd (November 2010 to November 2012), at Group Five Ltd (August 2011 to May 2013), as Independent Non-executive Director of Mvelaphanda Group Ltd. (2004 to 2012), at South African Airways (Pty) Ltd, as well as an Independent Non Executive Director of Mvelaphanda Resources Ltd. (March 2004 to April 2007.)