Defend Truth

Dmytro Koval, Nick Yurlov and Erik Kucherenko

Dr Dmytro Koval is Legal Director at Truth Hounds. A former research fellow at Stanford University, Central European University, Jagiellonian University, and the Graduate School for Social Research of the Polish Academy of Science, he has advised the Council of Europe, the European Parliament, Unesco, the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ukraine Prosecutor General’s Office, and Ukrainian MPs on different aspects of international law. Nick Yurlov is Senior Legal Counsel at Truth Hounds. He is an international law professional focusing on international humanitarian law and international criminal law with a background in dispute resolution. Erik Kucherenko is Legal Counsel at Truth Hounds and an adviser to a Member of the Ukrainian Parliament on policy and international law. He has served as a secretary to the delegation of the Ukrainian Parliament to the Inter-Parliamentary Union, focusing on establishing relations with parliamentarians from African, Asian and Latin American countries.