Belinda van Heerden

Belinda Jane van Heerden is a retired judge of the South African Supreme Court of Appeal. She was appointed to a permanent seat on the Cape High Court Bench from January 2000. She acted as a judge of the Supreme Court of Appeal from 1 June 2003 and was appointed as a judge in that court from 1 August 2004. For the second half of 2006, she served as an acting Justice of the Constitutional Court of South Africa. She retired from the Supreme Court of Appeal in September 2013. One of Judge Van Heerden’s main spheres of interest and expertise is child and family law (especially children’s rights and gender equality issues). She has co-authored three books on child and family law and has contributed a substantial number of articles to legal journals in this area. She has also presented papers in these fields at a large number of conferences, workshops and seminars (both national and international)