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What does rugby have to do with cryptocurrency? Well, unless you’re using it to buy tickets to watch the Bokke game or merchandise, the correlation may seem tenuous. Until you look at how this exceptionally strategic, dynamic and uniting sport provides all the guidelines every investor should have in place before making any financial decisions.


01: Security: A strong defence

Just as the Bokke held the line against Scotland in their first match of the World Cup, so should your financial investment platform provide your investments with a formidable defence. Your cryptocurrency platform and portfolio should be as secure as possible, ensuring your funds go further and deliver the returns you expect. You want a platform capable of protecting your funds with advanced data controls, agile security and nimble threat detection.

The Bokke clearly had a dominant display of skill and strategy when playing against Romania. So should you with your investment platform.

02: Structure: Tight and Defined

The structure of a successful rugby team is critical. From the coach to the fly-half, every person in the team plays an essential role, relying on one another to deliver the perfect game. Even when they’re not even looking at them… just look at that Libbok kick. The trust that he placed in his team – he believed someone would be there to catch that kick, and Arendse delivered. The same applies to trading and investment. You need to know that the structure of the platform you’ve chosen is designed to deliver a coordinated investment portfolio that’s optimised to meet your needs. You want a structured environment capable of delivering returns based on your goals – a platform that works as a team with you and your money.

03: Strategy: Clear Goals

What is the overall strategy of your rugby team in the World Cup? To win. To hold the Webb Ellis cup high. This is the same strategy you should have for your money. To build and diversify your wealth. To have money you can use to pay for education, holidays, homes and retirement.

Then there are the secondary strategies. How each match will play out. How the Bokke will respond to different team plays and behaviours. These micro strategies determine the flow of the game and its ultimate outcome, and are critical to supporting the overarching strategy of winning.

Financial goals are exactly the same. These have to be clearly defined to ensure they achieve the right results. You want to know that your funds are working hard, every day, to get where you need them to be. You want your money to evolve and grow and provide you with the safety net you want for your future. A trusted investment partner will ensure your money sits in the right spaces and that each investment takes you closer towards your ultimate strategy.

At Binance, Users are at the heart of everything we do. From the beginning, we made user protection our top priority by embedding state-of-the-art security measures and strict data privacy controls across the Binance ecosystem. We safeguard user funds by securing our platform with strict protocols and industry-leading technical measures.

From real-time monitoring and a 360-degree risk management system to advanced data privacy tools and end user security education, we continually find innovative ways to protect the users we serve.

04: Passion: A Love of the Game

A true love of rugby sits at the heart of a team’s success. The Bokke live and breathe it. South Africans echo this passion – the country’s heart beats with every kick, try and run. It is this passion that makes the Boks so strong. They are relentless in their commitment and their focus.

You want the same with your investments. You want a partner with passion, a partner with a commitment to ensuring your goals are achieved, your money evolves, and your portfolio expands. When you choose a platform to carry your money forward into the future, choose one that’s passionate about leveraging the latest technology and investment data to ensure you get the best possible returns and support.

05: Stay Legal: Rules are Important

Yellow card. Red card. Sin Bin. These are the words of death for the team and the game. Bad behaviour risks damaging a team’s reputation. Lack of understanding of the rules can affect a team’s overall performance. This is why staying within the rules is critical to keeping a team on track and ahead of the pack.

Of course, this is incredibly relevant to the world of finance and investment. Your money is irreplaceable, so you want a platform that’s aligned with regulations, abides by the rules, has exceptional compliance and pays attention to governance. A safe pair of hands is essential for investment that thrives and grows, so don’t compromise on the rules and the regulations.

As in rugby, so in investment – winning is everything, but not by compromising on the rules. DM


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