While you were sleeping: 27

By John Stupart 27 June 2017

Supreme Court reinstates travel ban, Syria prepares chemical attack, and Bloomberg announces massive cities innovation fund.

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

“Many people lose the small joys in the hope for the big happiness.”
Pearl S Buck


Daily Maverick associate editor Greg Marinovich’s Murder at Small Koppie: The Real Story of the Marikana Massacre won the Alan Paton Award at the Sunday Times literary awards on Saturday. GREG NICOLSON sat down with the author.


Travel ban partially lifted

President Donald Trump has praised the partial lifting of his controversial travel ban. The US Supreme Court passed the bill, promising to revisit it in October. With one major caveat though, that the ban would only apply to those “who lack any bona fide relationship with a person or entity in the United States”. Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses, but only if they have an appointment or a cousin.


Syrian regime planning another chemical attack

The United States believes there is credible evidence of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad planning another chemical weapons attack. The White House has warned the dictator of a “heavy price” should they carry out such an attack, however. “Heavy price” in this case almost certainly involves swift retaliation courtesy of the United States Air Force.


Millions to lose health care coverage under Trumpcare

A non-partisan report released late on Monday forecast that at least 22-million more Americans would be uninsured under Trump’s controversial health care bill by 2026. Already in shaky legislative grounds, Republicans will now face a united Democratic opposition combined with some of its own senators unwilling to explain to their constituents why losing their insurance would be a good thing.


Bloomberg funnels massive grant into American cities

Sticking with the United States, former New York mayor and billionaire extraordinaire Michael Bloomberg has announced a massive grant to drive innovation in cities. Contributing $200-million to its “American Cities Initiative,” Bloomberg Philanthropies will be investing in organisations and individuals who are able to combat climate change, immigration, and helping the poor. 




The number of toys a dog named Chaser can remember. This is the largest tested amount by any non-human animal.



Today is both Dale Steyn and Kevin Pietersen’s birthday. No prizes for who is more celebrated in South Africa.

The Mongol invasions killed so many people that the result was a global reverse climate change, cooling the planet.




Op-Ed: What do we need after Zuma?




The power of Zille extinguishes EFF firebrand



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By Pauli Van Wyk

Sylvester Stallone speaks the way he does due to a partial paralysis of the face that occurred during his birth.