Video: A car-crash less expected

By Sipho Hlongwane 22 October 2010

Say you knew you were going to be in a head-on collision. Which car would you rather be in, a small, modern Renault or a vintage Volvo estate? It goes without thinking, right? By SIPHO HLONGWANE

Some years ago, Fifth Gear’s Tom Ford decided to find out exactly who would be worse off in a 80mph-contact head on collision, the front seat occupants of an 80s-designed Volvo 940 Estate, or the front seat occupants of a Renault Modus. It hardly seems fair – the Volvo is an enormous estate wagon, looking like something welded together in a shipbuilder’s yard by men in leather aprons. The French car on the other hand, is exactly what it looks like, a slightly fatter and taller Clio. Many call it “a breadbin”.

Intuitively, you’d think the massive Scandinavian battle-hammer from the 80s would smash its way right through the mini MPV. Watch Tom Ford take the two cars to battle for the UK’s inferior car programme (er, now would probably be good time for this writer to mention he thinks Top Gear is the best TV show ever conceived) in this clip that will probably leave you in shock and awe. Hopefully we all start looking at our car’s safety rating before making that buying decision.


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