SAA air hostess given 7 years for drug smuggling

By Andy Rice 27 September 2010

Elphia Dlamini, the SAA air hostess who was arrested in June for attempting to smuggle 3kg of cocaine into the UK, was sentenced to seven years in prison on Friday. A sniffer dog called "Clever Trevor" caught her out at customs at London Heathrow. Peter Avery of the UK Border Agency said: "This drug smuggling attempt is particularly serious because this woman has sought to abuse her position, thinking the UK Border Agency would pay less attention to airline and airport staff." Read more: Sapa, via TimesLive



As Shaun Abrahams packs his bags, Ramaphosa appoints Silas Ramaite acting NPA head

By Greg Nicolson

The filming of The Beach permanently damaged the ecosystem on the Thai island it was located on.