Ozzie teenager cause of Twitter chaos

By Andy Rice 22 September 2010

The Twitter community was all aflutter on Tuesday afternoon when the micro-blogging site was hacked. Pearce Delphin, a Melbourne schoolboy, tweeted a line of "mouseover" Javascript code, to see if it could be executed in Twitter. It turned out it could, and hackers took advantage of this, to send users to porn sites, as well as creating self-replicating tweets. Delphin appears to be revelling in the notoriety he's achieved on the internet, but isn't too keen to be held accountable. "Hopefully I won't get in trouble!" he told AFP.  Read more: Sapa, via M&G



As Shaun Abrahams packs his bags, Ramaphosa appoints Silas Ramaite acting NPA head

By Greg Nicolson

The filming of The Beach permanently damaged the ecosystem on the Thai island it was located on.