Guinea postpones presidential elections, again

By Andy Rice 16 September 2010

Guinea postponed its presidential elections for a second time, citing logistical and managerial problems with the country's electoral commission. The elections are a run-off between two candidates, long-time opposition leader Alpha Conde and former prime minister Cellou Dalein Diallo, neither of them a current incumbent, which makes the likelihood of a rigged election very low. The runoff elections followed first-run elections in June, when neither candidate won an outright majority. Watchdogs are calling it Guinea's first truly transparent and fair election, but that could be jeopardised by the delays, which is causing restlessness among the people. Observers say that voters are also split along ethnic lines, with Peuls voting for Diallo and Malinke voting for Conde. The country is currently ruled by a military junta, who promised elections after seizing power, following the death of dictator Lansana Conte.  Read more: CNN


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