Spot a tiger near Delmas? No, you weren’t hallucinating

By Andy Rice 27 July 2010

It was only when the owners of Panjo the tiger reached Delmas that they realised the canopy on their bakkie was open, and Panjo was gone. That means the tame 17-month-old tiger could be pretty much anywhere on the R25 between Groblersdal and Delmas, where he was due to go to the vet. His handlers claim he's a real sweety, and won't try to eat you if you firmly tell him not to. Eyewitness News UPDATE: It seems Panjo may be an illegal immigrant. Wildlife officials say he isn't registered in Mpumalanga or Gauteng, and should not have been transported without permission. Which could get the owners into even deeper trouble than just a plain tiger on the loose.



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