Australia tries to buy its way into hosting 2022 World Cup

By Andy Rice 30 June 2010

The Football Federation of Australia is using up to a quarter of its bid budget for the 2022 World Cup to pay two European consultants to lobby Fifa on its behalf. One of these lobbyists Fedor Radmann, was forced to stand down from the Germany 2006 local organising committee, owing to a conflict of interests. The FFA has also handed out pearl necklaces to the wives of Fifa committee members, as well as paid for travel for committee members and those connected to them. The FFA reportedly has two balance sheets detailing its bid expenditure - one for government eyes, and one for the FFA only. That's not exactly fair dinkum, mate. Read more: Sydney Morning Herald



Zondo Commission will be long and thorough – will it outlast President Ramaphosa?

By Ferial Haffajee

Microwave popcorn is nothing special. You can have the same effect with normal popcorn kernels and a brown paper bag.