Mugabe succession becoming a hot potato

By Daily Maverick Legacy 10 December 2009

Robert Mugabe still has no chosen successor, at least none in the public eye. So now the battle lines are being drawn in the ruling Zanu-PF party. Bob has set factions one against the other up until now, handing out farms and other lucrative goodies to keep everybody in check. But at 85 years of age, he’s not going to last forever, however spry he looks, and the young bulls (well, maybe not so young) have started clashing horns ahead of the five-yearly party congress. As is usual in such affairs, personalities and tribal affiliations come to the fore, and the head men (and women) of regions make their plays. Some analysts reckon Zanu-PF could fall apart when Mugabe is gone. The old man has kept his cards close to his chest to date, precisely to confuse his enemies and hold onto power. If Zanu-PF did implode, that would be his ultimate legacy. It sounds great. Read more: Reuters, The Zimbabwean


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