Obama lets allies in on his secret about Afghanistan

By Daily Maverick Legacy 1 December 2009

US President Barack Obama has made his decisions on the way forward in Afghanistan and is in the process of giving the word to other world leaders – especially allies with troops in the fray such as the British. He has already given senior military figures in the US the word. Concurrently UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown has announced the British will be adding 500 troops to their contingent there, bringing the total to 9,500 soldiers in the Afghanistan war theatre. Word is Obama's plans for Afghanistan will include up to 30,000 additional troops, but also clearer understanding about what is termed “the exit strategy”. He is to make his plans public on Tuesday evening, US time. For more, read the BBC and the New York Times



Former Gauteng transport head implicated in dodgy tenders appointed special adviser to Minister Susan Shabangu

By Marianne Thamm

Katy Perry is the only artist to rival Michael Jackson's five billboard #one singles off one album.