Russian train wreck tied to bomb on track: Chechens striking back?

By Incorrect Author 29 November 2009

A bomb on the railway track has been identified as the cause for the crash of one Russia’s premier trains, the Nevsky Express, running between Moscow and St. Petersburg on Friday night. The crash derailed 14 train coaches, killed more than 25 people, injured scores of others and scattered luggage into the surrounding isolated countryside, and has raised fears that the country will face a new round of terror attacks. Speculation points to Chechen separatists, although no credible claim of responsibility has yet been made.  At the crash site, investigators said they had found remnants of a homemade bomb, equivalent to about 7kg of TNT, that caused  a crater almost 2m deep.  There was a wave of attacks in the early part of the decade as Chechen Muslim separatists struck at trains and public places in Moscow and elsewhere, but there have been no such deadly assaults in recent years. However, another express train on the same route was derailed in 2007. For more, read the New York Times


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