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18 November 2017 01:19 (South Africa)

Intel gets the AMD monkey off its back; regulators not so easy


Intel is paying its arch (but much smaller) rival $1.25 billion to shut up about alleged patent violations and some business practices. Like the ones where Intel gives computer makers who use only its chips deep discounts, while those who use AMD chips as well get slapped with penalties. Now, for the next five years at least, AMD can't cry foul. But European regulators are famous for not caring if an injured party drops its complaint (witness Microsoft's futile attempts to buy itself out of fines on the continent) and will continue to insist on the payment of a $1.45 billion fine for anti-competitive behaviour. American regulators are apparently also gearing up for action. Intel is clearly not yet in the clear.

Read more: Wall Street Journal, New York Times

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