Bloomberg spends the biggest amount of his own money in mayoral history

By Incorrect Author 26 October 2009

He is trying to hang on to his job for a third time after probably being the best New York City mayor in history in the previous two terms. Still, it was revealed by The New York Times on Saturday that Michael Bloomberg might spend slightly less, though not much, than $150 million on his re-election campaign. We're talking $150 million here for a post of mayor, not the president of the solar system. He does have the money (his wealth is estimated at $16 billion) and he is spending his electoral budget by investing it in the city he obviously loves. But $150 million? Would he be able to convince New Yorkers of his virtues if he wasn’t so filthy rich? Perhaps that is the one thing he'll never be able to find out. In this world, he will probably destroy his Democratic rival in the race, William C Thompson Jr. who has managed to raise only $6 million. But still, did he HAVE to buy his job in this way?


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