Americans less likely to believe in global warming

By Incorrect Author 23 October 2009

The percentage of Americans who believe the Earth is warming because of pollution has sunk to its lowest point in three years, according to the Pew Research Center for the People and the Press. The poll of 1,500 adults showed only 57% believe there is strong scientific evidence that Earth is now getting warmer. As a result, people now view the problem as less serious than before, having fallen by 20 points since 2006. The steepest drop occurred as Congress and the Obama administration were taking measures to control greenhouse gas emissions for the first time and despite growing scientific evidence of climate change. The poll came out 24 hours after 18 scientific bodies wrote to Congress to reaffirm their consensus behind global warming. Many supporters of global warming admitted they had little knowledge of carbon caps and trade mechanisms, the primary methods underpinning a broad global effort to restrain greenhouse gas release. Maybe the tooth fairy will stage a comeback? Read more: AP, People Press



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