South Africa’s Mbeki provides AU with report on Darfur

By Incorrect Author 9 October 2009

Former South African president Thabo Mbeki has handed the AU a report aimed at finding a peaceful solution to the conflict in Darfur, where fighting since 2003 has claimed some 300,000 deaths. The AU set up a commission led by Mbeki after a global arrest warrant was issued against Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir, accusing him of war crimes in Darfur, where African rebels say they face discrimination and government-mobilised Arab militias. Typically, Mbeki says he won’t make the document public, but it is thought to recommend that a local tribunal - backed by the AU, Sudan and possibly the Arab League - deal with the problem.



Victim, villain or pawn: Why Eskom ‘whistle-blower’ Suzanne Daniels was fired

By Jessica Bezuidenhout

Magenta has no physical wavelength. It thus does not "exist" strictly speaking. Rather our brains are telling us that we are seeing "not green".