Day one of Selebi trial lives up to its explosive promise

By Daily Maverick Legacy 6 October 2009

After an explosive first day, the second promises to be much the same. The trial of Jackie Selebi took a predictable turn with the former police commissioner accusing his accusers, but the extent and sheer gall of the accusations was shocking. Selebi accused not one but both of the former National Prosecuting Authority bosses, Bulelani Ngcuka and Vusi Pikoli of receiving bribes from some of the same people he is accused of receiving bribes from. Odd, that as police chief, he didn’t then charge them immediately. Selebi claimed he had information that Pikoli's wife, Nozuko Majola-Pikoli, received "material gratification" from businessman Brett Kebble in the form of shares in mining company Simmer & Jack Ltd and Jaganda Ltd. Both NPA bosses then quickly went apoplectic (through their spokesmen) and denied the claims, threatening to take Selebi to court. Ngcuka was particularly outraged. Yet it turns out that Selebi’s accusation was not totally without foundation. Pikoli's lawyer, Aslam Moosajee has acknowledged that Pikoli’s wife does in fact own 2% of the shares in Vulisango. However, he says she got the shares after Gibson Njenje, who was recently appointed National Intelligence Agency director-general, had invited her to take up a shareholding in Vulisango. This makes Vulisango an odd topic at the moment since the company is currently involved an unrelated bitter business spat with Simmers, and Vulisango directors have withdrawn from the Simmers board. Curiouser and curiouser. Anyway, back to the formal charges. Selebi has pleaded not guilty to the corruption charges that he made R1.2-million from corrupt relationships with druglord Glen Agliotti, slain mining magnate Brett Kebble and former Hyundai boss Billy Rautenbach. So stand back and be afraid - today Agliotti takes the stand.



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