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23 November 2017 07:28 (South Africa)

Nestlé mooves to udder option over Mugabe milk scandal

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Sensitive to the recent outrage on Facebook calling for a boycott of its products, Nestlé South Africa’s Zimbabwean unit has stopped the flow of milk from a dairy farm owned by Robert Mugabe’s wife. The confectionary and dairy products giant may also have got its teats in a tangle over a new report prepared for Zimbabwe’s government, the World Bank, donors and farm groups, showing compensation has only been paid for about 3% of 6,500 white-owned farms seized since 2000. Nestlé says that by the end of last year, half its contracted suppliers had gone out of business because of the economic chaos in the country, forcing the company to buy milk on the open market. The much-humbled conglomerate now says it will only source milk from seven farmers with whom it has contracts. Presumably not tainted suppliers.

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