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Anso Thom answers 21 Questions

Maverick Citizen Associate Editor, Anso Thom, answers 21 questions for Maverick Insider

Anso Thom

Maverick Citizen Associate Editor

I am bad at surfing, but hope to address the problem.

I love watching Summer Olympics weightlifting and Winter Olympics ski-ing and anytime Serena Williams plays tennis.

Barbara Hogan, Serena Williams, Lotti Rutter, Maria Ressa and Caster Semenya

The Flower Duet – Lakme

Being in an actual newsroom with my colleagues

I want to believe my heart and love to my life partner and child.

Their love

When Lemo (5) farted while I was on a Google Hangout call and I know everyone thought it was me!

My laptop, I am terrible at backing up, so will lose so many photos.

Turn your mind to wood (in difficult situations) and if you are angry, write a response, but sleep on it before pressing send.

There so many I have enjoyed, I was in awe of the Chernobyl series

Man buns (the ones on their heads).