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22 Questions with Tony Jackman

Serving us the best and most delicious recipes and food content on the daily, editor of ‘Thank God It’s Food’ newsletter answers 22 Questions for Maverick Insiders. Enjoy Tony’s 22 questions below

Finishing people’s sentences for them.

Coffee, Wordle, Sodoku on the hard setting, then take a 3 km walk. Mostly.

Research material into the history of the cheese fondue, that it dates as far back as 1699 and that there’s far more to it than just dunking bread in melted cheese. (I know, I have a one-track mind).

Camping and similar outdoorsy things.

The kid at the back of the class

The Kia I bought two cars ago.

My new blue Corolla Cross. It kind of offsets the bad experience with the Kia two cars ago.

Olive Screiner, in her time, in Matjiesfontein, circa 1891-3, shortly before she married Cron. Because I have often imagined her there at that time, when she was writing Thoughts on South Africa.

The Corrs’ traditional Irish instrumentals, Joni Mitchell, Valiant Swart.

A piano, and to know how to play it. No.

Tim Conway. He is dead, technically, but he lives on YouTube.


Not being able to think, remember, write, work.

I would hate to have to retire. I would continue trying to think, remember, write, work.


Do you enjoy being older more than you enjoyed being younger?
(The answer would be yes.)


Tony Jackman

Daily Maverick editor of
‘Thank God It’s Food’ newsletter 

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