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22 Questions with Neesa Moodley

Neesa is a new recruit to the Daily Maverick team, but has been a financial journalist for more than 20 years. She is deeply passionate about empowering people to manage their money so that they maximise the opportunities available to them.
Get to know Neesa a bit better with her 22 Questions interview below:

Only one? Hmmm….a distinct lack of patience. When I decide on something, I want immediate results. My kids say I can be quite forgetful, but I think that applies to most stressed out mothers of teens.

After the horrible school rush, I start my morning with a cup of coffee and Wordle, followed by Quordle (where you get to solve four Wordles at once).

I would really love to travel to Iceland, but my tolerance for cold weather is not great. I’m that girl who walks around in a jersey as soon as the temperature falls below 20 degrees Celcius.

An article in The Washington Post about how former First Lady of the US, Pat Nixon managed to get the Chinese premier to donate two giant pandas to the Smithsonian National Zoo 50 years ago. Giant pandas in the US, who would have thought? Since then China has sent more giant pandas to the zoo, but on a 10-year, $10-million lease rather than as gifts. Then I found an article on BBC saying that China has used giant pandas to form political friendships since the 1950s!


Being neat and tidy. I used to think I was good at this until I met my partner, David. Oops.

Hmm, I’ve actually thought about this because I want to write one. The first title I thought of was “Red Lines” but it has since changed. Watch this space.

I once bought an Orbitrek – a total waste of money, although it did come in handy as a clothes drying rack in winter.

My LG Solardom. I absolutely love and treasure it, and I use it ALL the time!

Elon Musk. I would love to get into his mind and see what goes on in there.

Nerdy, talkative, temperamental.

Hugh Jackman and James Tupper.

90s Road Trip music on Spotify and Dad is Fat by Jim Gaffigan on Audible. And I have a podcast called “In the Gym” that is constantly on …in my car.

I always wanted a Subaru WRX and a few years ago, I had a midlife crisis and bought one. It was amazing and I loved it. Then I was wracked with guilt over spending so much money on a depreciating asset so I sold it for a cheaper Subaru that also has a turbo and bought my son a piano instead. Hearing him play is totally worth it.

My partner, David. I love how witty he is and at the same time, he drives me crazy with his constant quips.

Right now, it would be Vladimir Putin. I have so many questions!

Hello. It’s generally the beginning of so much more.

Cohort. What? Why can’t you just say group already? I hate it when people try to be clever by using words that ordinary people wouldn’t recognise.

I’ve had a lot of loss in my life. My biggest fear would be losing my biological son, who is absolutely the light of my life. Parents should never have to go through that pain.

That depends – am I retiring rich or poor? Lol. I love being a journalist, so probably the same thing I do now. Travel as much as possible. Foster loads of cute kittens.

The person I have a restraining order against.

How would your kids describe you?


Neesa Moodley

Business journalist