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22 Questions with Marianne Thamm

Talking too fast, too loud and not finishing my sentences – same tendency (perhaps worse) on WhatsApp

The day is started for me by Laika my dog.

The moon…I have always loved it and would love to hang out…in outer space

So far, it has been on old AA manual on car maintenance

Time with my family, holidays with my children ..

Been there done, that…check the bookshop

 The electric heater I bought online in the cold and that keeps tripping my lights…when they are on…

Ignatius J. Reilly, from A Confederacy of Dunces

My dog Laika…because who wouldn’t want to be my best best friend?

Damian Marley – Stoney Hill

To slip my skin and leave the atmosphere…I plan to.

“coitadinha” – it is Portuguese and it means “ag sweet man” when aimed lovingly at a person or other sentient being. I use it al the time.

That some medical episode will render me alive but incapacitated

Would you like salad or chips with that?

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