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22 Questions with Leila Dougan

Meet the woman behind the DM camera lens – award-winning multimedia journalist Leila Dougan has finally agreed to a 22 Questions interview.

On good days coffee and ballet.

Kenya, so that I can visit that restaurant where you can have lunch with a giraffe!

An article on just how quickly my excessive salt intake is going to kill me.

Answering these questions.

Crunchy snacks and other spells.

That’s a tough one. Either the genie from Aladdin or Sheneneh Jenkins.

Hmmm. Zazie Beetz, Kendrick Sampson, Tracie Ellis Ross

Jon Batiste, Leon Bridges and Little Simz. Then I move on to old school hip hop, after that it gets really messy with a sing-along detour into like 90s R&B. Tevin Campell I see you baby.

A simba surprise. And no I didn’t get it. Rude.

This is a trick question. Where did I get the truth juice? Find the source and manufacture that shit wholesale babe. Everyone gets truth juice. Everyone.

I’ll get back to you.

Toss up between Cruffin and Jeggings.

Rest bra. Dafaq. Why am I signing up for more labour?

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Leila Dougan

Multimedia Journalist

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