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22 Questions with Kassie Naidoo

Kassie Naidoo is the creative behind the look and feel of the DM168 newspaper. She is globally respected and most sought-after creative in advertising and product development. Enjoy her 22 Questions below

I sometimes glaze over when someone is talking to me and I’m not fully engaged in what they are saying.

On a good day with time to lie still in bed for about 5 – 10 mins being grateful. On a bad day jumping out of bed when the alarm goes with 10 thoughts rushing through my mind, all at once.

This changes all the time but one place that has always remained a constant on my bucket list is Bhutan.

I just got a copy of Helen Joyce’s book “Trans”. I haven’t been able to get past the foreword with my current workload but am excited to sit on the stoep and finish it over the holidays.

Sitting on the couch doing absolutely nothing.

She did it her way – mistakes and all or my mother’s favourite “She never listens” translated as I don’t want to take advice but rather learn from my own mistakes.

The UPS I bought which after 10 months of loadshedding only gives me 15mins before switching of instead of 90 mins.

A piece of land in the Karoo village of Barrydale.

Frida Kahlo. She was an extraordinarily powerful in her own lifetime as a woman, an artist and especially for a woman of colour. I feel that she fought and won battles that many women are still fighting today.

Hmmm…I don’t have celebrity crushes.

I recently started listening to the music of indigenous bands from Arctic Siberia especially Otyken and OLOX. I find their instrumentation and voices so new to my ear yet strangely familiar too.

I wanted to take a year off, travel with a small bag, a camera and a sketch book. I have not been able to yet but it’s still on my bucket list.

I don’t have a favourite. I find intelligent humour and satire funnier than profanity or slapstick.


South Afri – can (borrowing a phrase from Johnny Depp in Once Upon a Time in Mexico)

South Afri- can’t

I would say not making my most loved dreams happen.

I can’t imagine a conventional concept of retirement. I think it would mean having time to do what I’ve really loved doing since a child, being a visual artist. I’ve been doing research on my family history and hoping to start working on a body of work for an exhibition.

If you have one idea (big or small) that would make life better for all South Africans what would it be?


Kassie Naidoo

DM168 ART director