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22 Questions with John Stupart

The man (and brains) behind First Thing (our free 6am morning newsletter and officially the best newsletter in Africa)
Check out John’s 22 Questions interview below:

I don’t actually realise how loud my voice is. What sounds normal to me is apparently the most-barbaric of yawps to normals.

In front of my desktop battlestation at sparrow’s fart, i, writing First Thing. The coffee follows swiftly thereafter.

I’ve been fortunate to travel a lot throughout my life so far, but I would very much love to see the northern lights.

Exercise. Every trip to the gym is a mental battle before I even look at the weights.

“Nobody gives a fuck”

Ordered a peacoat online. It fit about as well as an udder on a bull.

Tea with Bilbo Baggins sounds pretty damned good.

This is a toss-up between noise cancelling headphones and the inverter that now powers everything during Stage 6 loadshedding.

As someone only just getting back into flyfishing, a day in Tom Sutcliffe’s waders might be a revelation.

90s Jane Seymour.

The new Fuzigish album.

As a kid I desperately wanted a chihuahua. I saved my pocket money for an entire year on the agreement with my parents that I could get one if I bought it myself. In end I fell in love with a hairy bearded pavement monster call Badger and blew my saved cash on sweets (See #11.)

I would love to grill Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula about her career up until now…

Currently ‘tabernacle’

That I cannot grow old in a city I once loved. And frogs.

Fish, snowboard, paint WWII scale models and annoy my relatives.

What is the one thing you think but don’t want to say out loud?


John Stupart

Newsletter editor