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21 Questions with Imaan Moosa

Imaan is the Marketing Coordinator for the Daily Maverick, which involves knowing how to crack algorithms and making sure your experience across the Daily Maverick site is seamless and inviting. She hails from journalism and communications, where she previously worked at the Mail & Guardian and was inducted into the Wits School of Journalism. She enjoys restaurant hopping around Johannesburg and reads fanfiction in her spare time, while she waits for the jacarandas to bloom in October. 

Imaan Moosa

Marketing Coordinator

Probably Ancient Egypt (3000 BCE) so I could see for myself how civilisation was at the time, the culture and magnificence of the women. Ancient Greece and Rome fascinate me too, but Ancient Egypt is high on my list

Mathematics and science. I admire people who study the science behind medicine, technology and the universe but I struggle to understand it

My fiancé for his incredible amount of patience, generosity and grace. I aspire to have the patience he has when dealing with life’s seemingly small pains that cause me frustration, the grace with which he carries himself and his big heart. He always has such perfect composure, extends compassion and generosity to everyone and anyone, and has an innate desire to help others and change the world which I hope he is one day able to do. I don’t know if it’s any consolation but even if he doesn’t change the world, he always encourages me to be better than I am

Sea Battle only because I’m weirdly good at it

Time travel so I could visit different time periods (without messing up the space-time continuum, of course)

Otilla Anna Sibanda (because I think she’s awesome), Sana Saeed (because she’s hilarious without meaning to be), Beyoncé (obviously, but also to ask about her marketing strategy), Noam Chomsky and Edward Said

I don’t really listen to music

A cat. I get to sleep all day, and get cuddles and back scratches all the time

Having a get out of events free card because of my social anxiety. I wish saying “no” was as easy as saying “I can’t attend, because Covid.”

The tennis bracelet I bought my mum for her birthday that she’s wanted since she was my age

The love my parents give me. Some days I don’t believe I deserve it

I try to shake them off quickly

The speech my dad is writing for me for my wedding day (I haven’t read it yet, but I know it’s special because he is always asked to give the wedding speeches in my family)

When you start to stand up for yourself it rarely feels good, but it is important that you do it because no one else can carry you and take care of you (side note: this does not apply to being in the womb) but yourself