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20 Questions with Takudzwa Pongweni

Maverick Citizen journalist Takudzwa Pongweni brings spirit, heart and fun to this week’s 20 Questions. 

Drinking a cup of chamomile, lavender & vanilla tea, while unpacking the day with my mom and having Grey’s Anatomy playing in the background.

Sending love and warmth to everyone feeling uncomfortable, upset, fatigued, lonely, ignored, hurt or lost today. Whatever it is, it has no choice but to pass. in the meantime, it’s okay to not be the strong one for once.

I watched far too many early 2000s Rom-Coms and journalism was the It-Career for Rom-Com Protagonists, so I always liked the idea of being a journalist. There was a very brief period of time I convinced myself I would enjoy being a lawyer. 

Not a morning person or a night owl but a secret third thing: the insomniac who is either up too late because she can’t fall sleep or up too early because she can’t go back to sleep.

To not let life pass me by before I even know it because I was waiting for something special, or living in fear.

I once got a fish bone stuck on my tonsil, it required a visit to an Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist to remove it. 

All about love by Bell Hooks

Buy a big yellow raincoat and live in an obscure fishing village on the coast of somewhere foreign where it’s always cloudy and eat a lot of berries and ride my bike everywhere and forget everything.

Either a Tiktok audio or a niche meme that only my best friend will understand 

Being in your 20s is about experiencing the worst thing you can imagine and then having to go to the grocery store

Respected boundaries.

There’s a lot of issues and I’m probably under-qualified to answer this, but I think water, food, and housing are basic, inalienable human rights and, as such, should be free of cost to everybody. 

Late to the hype train but Succession (series) and Everything Everywhere All at Once (movie) are excellent.  Season 2 of What’s Eating Us (podcast) with Zukiswa Pikoli is coming soon. 

A pine and coconut smash pouch from Woolworths. It wasn’t necessarily weird, the texture was just very similar to baby food and it tasted horrible.

Derry Girls: season 2, episode 3 

I can quote an embarrassing number of scenes from Dance Moms at any given time.

Takudzwa Pongweni

Takudzwa Pongweni

Maverick Citizen Journalist

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