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20 Questions with Shelley Christians

Get a sneak peek into the life of a Daily Maverick photojournalist as she answers 20 questions for Maverick Insiders

I don’t have one! I would have said my sunglasses as they are the one item I will spend money on as my eyes are very sensitive to light, but my three-year-old has snapped both pairs, sadly.

A tight hug from my kids. Or chocolate.

Words are not my area of expertise. I would put an image on it showing the beauty of humanity. 

Tough one. I guess having balance is key and hard to achieve. Whether it is one’s finances, work or kids… One day, when I’m big, I will have it all sorted out LOL.

I’m a night owl, or I used to be before kids. I’m known to be a tad grumpy and short-tempered before my second cup of coffee in the morning.

Your life is not at work. Go home and live your life.

I used to fight in karate tournaments as a teen, and forgot my gum guards at home once. I had braces and that didn’t end well. Let’s just say I looked more hurt than I actually was. 

The Very Hungry Caterpillar (I have a three-year-old and only read to him these days).

Wow. Where do I start? I want to improve my video skills. I am also trying to study UX design but it’s hard to find time.

I lost my best friend in January, so this question hits a bit hard. I guess if I think of my bestie Claudia, I would have more fun. She knew how to get me to let go and have fun. Spend more time with my kids and travel the world instead of being as responsible with my finances as I am. Create memories and experiences instead of having material things – and record them all on video for my kids to have. Do the documentaries I never have time to do. And let the important people in my life know what they mean to me. 

Showed kindness. And empathy. It goes a long way and has a butterfly effect. 

Doing more to a lower standard. 

Murder, rape, gender-based violence. And please just leave our children alone. My heart broke today with two separate stories of kids being killed. 

How do we stop corruption? Let’s start there and make sure the money actually goes to the people of SA. A mother killed her kids because she was tired of struggling and seeing her kids starve. Can we please take a moment to think about this? How can this be happening in 2023?

 Jack Ryan on Prime is what I’m currently watching.

Frog legs in Vietnam on my honeymoon. Wasn’t too bad, but I won’t eat it again.

My three-year-old is a clown and makes us laugh everyday.

I asked hubby now and he says my superpower is losing my keys and phone at home 😉 Does this count?


Shelley Christians


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