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20 Questions with Marianne Thamm

Get a sneak peek into the life of Daily Maverick’s Assistant Editor as she answers 20 questions for Maverick Insiders

The rosary I bought from the little church, Confraria Nossa Senhora Do Castelo, in Aljustrel, Portugal, the village my mother left and never returned to.

Broke two ribs falling into a pool during load shedding.

I don’t have one best… I have read a lot of great books this past year, mostly non-fiction. I would say for the stirring that Jonny Steinberg’s Winnie and Nelson evoked – to see them as flawed people and a creation of the ugly world they lived in.

How to build a tree-house or outdoor shed.

Vacations of any sort… or any chunk of time that is cordoned off as such.

I say what I think out loud most of the time. My dog in fact hears most of what I think out loud, it is usually in Afrikaans as my dog, I am convinced, is patchy with regard to English.

That the child you were still hangs around.

Think for themselves, and not be afraid to do so.

Have attitudes rather than opinions.

I am a big Adam Curtis fan. Love Shankar Vedantam’s Hidden Brain… it never disappoints.

My dog, the one who does not understand English, who got caught in the bamboo hedge trying to escape and attack her mortal enemy down the road. The look on that face suspended in the hedge was a delight. Her name is Varkthing aka Laika.


Marianne Thamm

Assistant Editor