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20 Questions with Lydia Rolando

This week, we feature Lydia Rolando, the Head of Talent at Daily Maverick, who graciously answers 20 questions. Read on to enjoy her responses.

Sadly, it is at the bottom of Roodeplaat Dam. My most treasured antique engagement ring, lovingly passed down from my husband’s Mauritian grandmother.

Prosaic, I know. But nothing like a nice cuppa tea.

I think I have missed that bus. I might consider the Grandma Moses career path though. (Began painting “in earnest” at the age of 78)

Neither. I think I am a lunchtime person.

Let go of resentment. You don’t want to carry around a sack of dead cats do you?

My husband (then boyfriend) trying to teach me to ride a bike infront of his four brothers and their friends. Of course I fell off.

The Promise by Damon Galgut.

French Champagne. Give me a local MCC any day

Hopefully I don’t sound smug, but I am happy doing what I am doing, being with the people I am with and living the life I live.

Not feeling any more grown up to how I felt when I was 18.

Be kind to one another.

Hurt one another, in all the dasatrdly ways they do.

I’d sort out energy and education. Closely followed by health care. The children are our future but cannot grow up or learn in a dark SA.

A truly South African gem of a series called Donkerbos (on Showmax)
The Pale Blue Eye with Christian Bale (Netflix)

Goats Head Soup (in Nigeria). Only then did I understand the Bowie record cover and that this is actually a thing.

Knitting. Because I have never finished any garment I have started.


Lydia Rolando

Head of Talent

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