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20 Questions with Lerato Mutsila

20 Questions with Lerato Mutsila

Get a sneak peek into the life of Maverick Citizen journalist as she answers 20 questions for Maverick Insiders

I recently read that because diamonds are carbon-based, when heated to the right temperature, they will burn just like coal. The carbon dioxide from that can then be used to make carbonated water.

My favourite book of all time would have to be The Book Thief. The way it was narrated from death’s perspective blew me away as a kid.

My current favourite book is an anthology by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie called The Thing Around Your Neck.

Oooh, this is a tough one. My favourite film of all time is V for Vendetta. Recently, I can’t really say. Everything has been trash lately.

My favourite series of all time is The Good Place. Recently, I would have to say See on Apple TV.

This isn’t fair. I have a big family… Yoh, this is going to get me in trouble. Okay, first and foremost, my dad. He has a green thumb and can literally grow anything, so he will make sure we are fed.

Second, I’ll choose my nephew. The boy may only be five but is ruthless when making tough decisions, he already runs the family.

Lastly, my mom because I don’t want to get in trouble for leaving her out.

Eish, another tough one… I would have to say South Korea. The food is amazing, the skincare is elite and I think it will push me well out of my comfort zone.

Chickens. I don’t know why, but those things are terrifying.

I bought a guitar for a loved one. To this day, the memory of seeing their face light up still makes me smile.

With a cup of strong, black coffee. That’s the only way to start the day.

When you feel overwhelmed by the tasks at hand, just think to yourself, “How do you eat an elephant? One foot at a time.”

Definitely telekinesis. Imagine controlling things with your mind. I would be unstoppable!

I currently have an artist named Moses Sumney on repeat. His song Me in 20 Years has me in a chokehold.

All I’m going to say is Sarah Connor had the right idea. Do with that what you will.

Tofu. It’s so filling, versatile and absorbs so many flavours. It’s also a fantastic meat replacement.

People are fallible, and because of that, I try not to put anyone on a pedestal to avoid disappointment. But in saying that, I can’t really say I admire one single person, but anybody who has put their own interests aside in the quest for justice and dignity for all.

An intern for a now-defunct PR company. All I can say is that it was a mess.

All our problems aside, South Africa usually has some of the most vibrant, loving, and welcoming people. Our diversity is a beauty to behold, and I wouldn’t trade being a South African for anything.

Come Together by The Beatles.

I have only ever been to one costume party. It was alter ego-themed, and I dressed as an anarchist.

Watching anything from the Below Deck franchise. I swear I was a yachtie in my past life.

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Lerato Mutsila