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20 Questions with Jillian Green

Get a sneak peek into the life of Daily Maverick’s Deputy Editor, Jillian Green.

The chain I wear around my neck. I haven’t taken it off since it was put there nearly 22 years ago.

My girls, dogs and chocolate – not always in that order.

Depends on what we are doing.

Don’t live out of a packet (thanks to my Dad who introduced me to vegetable gardening).

Using my head to block a goal in a game of school girl hockey (impulsive and sore).

Children of Sugarcane by Joanne Joseph

Politicians – any of them 

Live my best life (PS: don’t ask your wife’s opinion on this question).

End of the month Salticrax is a thing

Listen more, buy less.

Feeling pressured to fill the silent moments.

David Attenborough’s Perfect Planet.

One of my daughter’s early breakfasts – chocolate mousse, fried egg and mango pickle…on the same plate🤢

My bank account on the 10th (see number 13 above).

Maths – because it non-existent.

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Jillian Green

Deputy Editor