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24 November 2022@CTICC CAPE TOWN


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November 2022 marks the return of Daily Maverick’s flagship event: The Gathering.

The leader in future-shaping conversations, The Gathering brings together panels of experts across politics, business and civil society who are all looking at what each of us need to and can do to build the South Africa we all want and deserve.

It’s time for hope. It’s time for action. It’s time for solutions.
Date: 24 November 2022
Time: 9am – 6pm
Venue: Cape Town Convention Centre 

Following 15 years of loadshedding. with 2022 one of the worst, it’s clear Eskom doesn’t have the ability to fix this issue. Or do they? How are we going to generate enough energy for the nation? What will it take to make the President’s energy plan happen? Join us for this panel where we will discuss renewable energy solutions and how Eskom can achieve its mandate to power the country.

Innovation is simply a solution to a problem. Lucky for South Africa, we have plenty of problems. It’s fertile ground for businesses to leverage. What new approaches are needed for our emerging economy? It’s time that Big Business takes responsibility for finding the solutions to our economic woes. It’s time to think beyond the blinkered scope of profit and loss. 

The COVID pandemic has demonstrated how under prepared SA [and the world] is for such events. Another pandemic will occur in the future, and it is just a matter of when, and how severe it will be. SA needs to reflect on its COVID response and learn from it, so as to make specific recommendations to all sectors on how to be more resilient and able to respond to the next pandemic

The wolves in sheep’s clothing: when the perpetrators are the bad guys masquerading as the good, how does society fight back? From police to politicians, complex crime is leading South Africa into lawlessness. Are we there already? And, if not, how do we stop it? 

We pay our taxes to fund public services. We pay for hospitals and medical equipment, we pay for schools to be filled with teachers and textbooks, we pay for our roads to be worthy of traffic and for water to run from taps. How, then, is it the public who are personally filling potholes, directing traffic when loadshedding brings it to a standstill? It is civil society who is stepping in to help build and equip hospitals, schools and break ground for running water. When the system is broken, new action is required. Hear from some of the most inspirational South African citizens who are on the frontline of public interest.

Trains, Eskom, Water shortages  where can we find hope in the face of failing infrastructure. Government is not making the change. What can WE do as society? What’s already been done? Join this session and we challenge you to walk away not feeling inspired. 

Our democracy is broken. Is a coalition government the answer to our political woes or will it lead to a dilution of responsibilities? Is Chief Justice Zondo’s recommendation to vote for a person not a party sufficient?  What does it entail and do we have the political will to implement this system? 

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