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‘We challenge you’ – ANC’s Fikile Mbalula calls on André de Ruyter to provide evidence for ‘baseless’ corruption claims at Eskom

‘We challenge you’ – ANC’s Fikile Mbalula calls on André de Ruyter to provide evidence for ‘baseless’ corruption claims at Eskom
André de Ruyter. (Photo: Waldo Swiegers / Bloomberg via Getty Images)

The ANC hit back at former Eskom CEO André de Ruyter on Thursday, following his remarks during an explosive interview about political interference and systemic corruption at Eskom. This came as the power utility continued high levels of load shedding with reports stating that we were unofficially at Stage 7.

ANC secretary-general Fikile Mbalula challenged former Eskom CEO André de Ruyter on Thursday to produce evidence for his claims of corruption at the parastatal, while affirming that the ANC “is not corrupt” and does not protect individuals involved in wrongdoing.  

“The comments of Mr De Ruyter are completely unacceptable,” said Mbalula during a media briefing. 

Referring to De Ruyter’s remarks during an interview with eNCA on Tuesday, Mbalula said the ANC rejected the former CEO’s “unfortunate, irresponsible and baseless claims of alleged political meddling and corruption” at Eskom. 

The party “welcomed the immediate departure of De Ruyter from Eskom”, said Mbalula, and called on the Eskom board to expedite its search to appoint a new CEO. 

De Ruyter was “released from his position with immediate effect” on Wednesday, following the interview. 

Read in Daily Maverick: “André de Ruyter released from Eskom ‘with immediate effect’ following explosive interview

The former CEO resigned in December 2022 following claims from Energy and Mineral Resources Minister Gwede Mantashe that Eskom was “agitating for the overthrow of the state” by failing to deal with increased levels of blackouts. 

He was due to leave his position at the end of March, but Eskom announced his early exit from the parastatal on Wednesday night – less than 24 hours after his interview with eNCA aired.

Gwede Mantashe

Energy and Mineral Resources Minister Gwede Mantashe’s remark that Eskom was ‘agitating for the overthrow of the state’ by failing to deal with increased levels of blackouts was followed by André de Ruyter’s resignation. (Photo: Leila Dougan)

“Following the convening of a special board meeting on 22 February 2023, the Eskom Board and group chief executive Andrè de Ruyter have reached mutual agreement to curtail his notice period to 28 February 2023,” Eskom said.

“The board further resolved that Mr De Ruyter will not be required to serve the balance of his notice period, but that he will be released from his position with immediate effect.”

On Thursday, Mbalula reiterated the comment by Public Enterprises Minister Pravin Gordhan to TimesLIVE on Wednesday, that CEOs “should not be involved in open political debates or assertions”. 

He said: “The CEOs of any entity, including Eskom, should not be involved in open political debates or assertions, and where they have political views, they must be kept private… so that they don’t detract attention from their professional work.”

Appointed strictly to lead the turnaround of Eskom into a functional public enterprise, according to Mbalula, De Ruyter had “completely failed to deliver on this contractual obligation”. 

This was despite continuous support from the ANC, said Mbalula. 

“When he was under attack that he is inefficient, that he doesn’t know what he’s doing, we supported him, because we wanted somebody who would bring order and stability to run the entity.”

Pravin Gordhan

Public Enterprises Minister Pravin Gordhan told TimesLIVE that CEOs ‘should not be involved in open political debates or assertions’. (Photo: Guillem Sartorio / Bloomberg via Getty Images)

Mbalula further challenged De Ruyter to present evidence to support his claims, to expose the alleged corrupt individuals and “bring them to book”.

“[De Ruyter] is now trying to shift the blame from his own shortcomings to other people. We must ask why he is only raising these allegations when he leaves Eskom,” he said.

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“If Mr De Ruyter has any evidence to the contrary, he is duty bound to present it. We commend the tough actions taken by the SAPS, Hawks, SIU and other law enforcement agencies to bring charges against corrupt persons inside and outside Eskom. They must be furnished with information to do their job.”

If De Ruyter does not “prove what he said” about the ANC, the party will proceed with legal action, Mbalula said. 

“We as the ANC, we will take action,” he vowed. 

“That man – he must prove what he said about us… We will challenge him for saying that our party is corrupt and failing to prove how.”

march rolling blackouts

Marchers on their way to Megawatt Park in Johannesburg to protest against rolling blackouts on 2 February 2023. (Photo: Gallo Images / OJ Koloti)

A restaurant owner counts banknotes by candlelight during a power cut in Johannesburg on 13 February 2023. (Photo: Leon Sadiki / Bloomberg via Getty Images)

Mbalula accused De Ruyter of tarnishing the ANC’s image with his revelations that a Cabinet minister told him to tolerate corruption, and the evidence showed the ANC saw Eskom as a “feeding trough”. 

“If there are corrupt people who are promoting corruption, they happen to have the label of being ANC members,” he said. 

“The ANC does not support corruption. The ANC is not corrupt. The ANC will not protect corrupt individuals,” Mbalula claimed. 

De Ruyter’s immediate dismissal comes as South Africa is experiencing unprecedented levels of blackouts. 

On Sunday, Eskom implemented Stage 6 power cuts for the fourth time this year, which was due to continue until Wednesday evening. But, during the evening peak demand period on Tuesday and again on Wednesday the power utility shed over 7,000 MW.

Eskom spokesperson Sikonathi Mantshantsha said in a tweet on Wednesday night that Eskom had shed 7,092MW from the grid during evening peak.

In a reply to Daily Maverick, he denied reports that South Africa was on Stage 7. “We did, however, implement load curtailment Stage 4 for the qualifying industrial customers. The total reduction (load shedding and load curtailment) last night was estimated to be just over 7000MW.”

Mantshantsha said that Eskom is currently loadshedding at Stage 6 as previously announced.

The DA said it would submit a Promotion of Access to Information Act application for information about corruption at Eskom. 

“The purpose of this request is to obtain all information and evidence at Eskom’s disposal regarding the alleged ANC kingpin behind the systemic corruption that has brought our country’s electricity supply to its knees,” DA leader John Steenhuisen said on Wednesday.

De Ruyter did not respond immediately to Daily Maverick’s request for comment on Thursday. DM


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  • Craig Cauvin says:

    Methinks thou dost protest too much Mr. FixFokol…..

  • L G says:

    “This was despite continuous support from the ANC, said Mbalula.” (Including Mantashe effectively calling De Ruyter a traitor.) Does Mbalula really think people will believe this rubbish he’s spouting? ANC is not corrupt, Eskom is not corrupt, no political interference… Sure.

    • Dolly Tshitlho says:

      Sometimes when pell are in higher positions they tend to forget that people read and do research about everything that is happening around them. There’s no secrete in this world. Never underestimate the intelligence of an ordinary man on the street. It’s a pity in our country ordinary people’s opinions are never taken seriously. No one in SA doesn’t know about corruption inSouth Africa let alone Eskom and the others. A cording to me the ANC as an organization is not corrupt but individuals are the ones who are involved in corrupt activities. These individuals are never held accountable. If we are all corrupt who will hold who accountable. Those who are not part of corruption are afraid to report any misconduct that they see because they may be killed or hurt in some way. Corruption has become an Auto Immune disease in the world not only in SA. I’m just pouring my heart as an ordinary person who have no voice in my country.

  • Richard Bryant says:

    The minister of bluster and much ado about nothing now sg of the anc. Please read sec 34 of the PRECCA Act. Making it an obligation from people in authority to report knowledge of corruption or because of your position you aught to have known about it. The ESKOM CEO is such a person of authority. I hope he has filed a section 34 report with the police. Not political. It’s a legal obligation. But you who was appointed in your first ministerial post by the guptas would know nothing about that. Would you?

  • J C says:

    “The ANC does not support corruption. The ANC is not corrupt. The ANC will not protect corrupt individuals,” Mbalula claimed.
    Really!?What a pratt!
    “according to Mbalula, De Ruyter had “completely failed to deliver on this contractual obligation”.
    A classic case of the Pot calling the Kettle black, hahahaha Mbalula the court jester .Always good for a laugh. He is as useful as, well not really useful for ANYTHING!

  • James Francis says:

    The ANC is not corrupt. It’s “pragmatic”. I guess Fikile wants to eat a little bit, too.

  • Ian Gwilt says:

    I know who I believe

  • Johan Buys says:

    “ Fikile Mbalula challenged former Eskom CEO André de Ruyter on Thursday to produce evidence for his claims of corruption at the parastatal”

    Be careful what you wish for!

  • Fernando Moreira says:

    Dont forget to challenge Zondo as well

    You cant script this stuff up with the ANC !!

  • Mike Blackburn says:

    I’m sure that after 3 years as the CEO de Ruyter knows what is what. He’s a clever guy and wouldn’t make the claims he has made unless he could back them up. Mbalula on the other hand is not clever and is essentially a man-baby who has no intellectual capacity other than to leap blindly to the defense of the corrupt ANC. I’m not holding my breath for the ANC to lay charges

  • Gabriel Malan says:

    Support? Same “support” given to SAA, Denel, Landbank, PRASA, Transnet….. Another failed statement from a failed, corrupt, weak government official. SA deserves better!

  • Ian Gwilt says:

    Sorry for second post
    I see Mr Fixfukall has said that De Ruyter’s comments “prove he is incompetent”
    That is something that the Jester would never have to prove, his incompetence in everything he has touched is clear for all to see

  • Heinrich Holt says:

    Frikkie, I think you must stay quiet and use your voice sparingly. In fact, don’t use it all. Some people still remember your holiday paid for by a certain department store.

  • William Kelly says:

    Perhaps “The CEOs of any entity, including Eskom, should not be involved in open political debates or assertions, and where they have political views, they must be kept private… so that they don’t detract attention from their professional work.” should be made to fit the other foot as follows:

    “Politicians, from any party, including the ANC, should not be involved in open business or SOE debates or assertions, and where they have business views, they must be kept private… so that they don’t detract attention from their professional work.’

    The words ‘professional work’ are of course open to considerable debate since all we have seen from politicians in the ANC is a self serving grab for power and their ‘turn to eat, comrade’.

  • Johann Olivier says:

    I say: let each of the contestants stand on their records. Er – why bother. It’s game over and anyone with a shred of knowledge and common sense knows which side loses. I so look forward to Mabalula’s suit moving through the courts, with the delicious prospect of discovery.

  • Karen G says:

    “Mbalula accused de Ruyter of tarnishing the ANC’s image” – no ANC did that all by themselves.

  • Hermann Funk says:

    Mbalula is a moron and contradicting his President who said that the ANC is suspect No 1 regarding corruption.

  • Jon Quirk says:

    Clearly Fokkol has not actually watched the interview, which I suggest he, and the entire senior ranks of the ANC, now do.

    The interview raises so many interesting questions and fits in with all the facts that any sentient, reasonably informed follower of South African affairs would be familiar with.

    Bluster, your usual response, Mr Fokkol (your self-imposed name), will not suffice. This interview will be seen worldwide and demands a thoughtful, measured reasoned response to the clearly expressed allegations of high-level ANC involvement in treason, corruption, assassinations and other very serious charges. I suggest you rather pass it on to your elusive, and fast vanishing, boss, Mr President.

    It is way beyond your pay-grade.

  • Nicholas De Villiers says:

    Mmm who do I believe? The guy who was poisoned or the ANC motormouth? Let me think about that for a bit…

  • Robert de Rooy says:

    What organisation is the common denominator of: Cadre deployment, Guptas, Chancellor House, State Capture report, PRASA, SAA, Transnet, Vrede Dairy, Travelgate, Arms Deal, Selling of the strategic fuel reserve, SAPS collapse, SANDF collapse, Toll Road disaster, NPA (Shaun Abrahams, et al), Weekend Special van Rooyen, nearly every municipality in the country …?

  • David Anthony James Starley says:

    The Zondo commission proved beyond doubt that the cANCer is corrupt beyond belief so how on earth Mr FixNothing Mbulula can say it isn’t just goes to show how dense he, and the rest of the ANC, truly are.
    Just the fact that they are all responding in such vitriolic fashion proves that they know that they, and all cadres/comrades/cronies, are as guilty as sin!

  • Manie Krause says:

    Love it! This should force Mr. de Ruyter’s hand to disclose what he should know and probably “pragmatically” ignored to try and achieve something from within the system. If not, hopefully one of the opposition parties will take legal action to force his hand. You cannot have skin in this game and stay above the law, let everybody take note.

  • Paul T says:

    Ah, a whole organisation wants to challenge one man. Maybe with a bit of crowdfunding and some backing from opposition parties and civil society groups, challenge accepted?

  • R S says:

    I’d love to see ADR vs the ANC in court. He will spill the beans and Mbalula will go home crying.

  • Nick Taylor says:

    Evidence, what evidence? Excuse me, Mr FixFokol, but the Zondo Commission declared that the ANC is involved in corruption of ‘industrial proportions’ at every level of government, state owned enterprises and many sectors of the private sector, and that the party has been and continues to be the beneficiary of State funds, through receipt of payments from third parties alleged to have corruptly acquired government contracts. For over 20 years, the party and individual members have been involved in ‘… the looting of public resources; the abuse of state power; patronage; bribery; vote-buying; nepotism; state capture; and others’ (Part VI, Vol 2, p 202). A whole chapter on Escom details how these practices have brought a once world class institution to its knees. Duh!

  • Phil Baker says:

    Would rather the DM printed the text of de Ruyter’s interview rather than parrot the incoherent twaddle from this inept, incompetent and dishonest former minister.
    “If there are corrupt people who are promoting corruption, they happen to have the label of being ANC members,” Seriously – thats a sentence ?!

    “The ANC does not support corruption. The ANC is not corrupt. The ANC will not protect corrupt individuals,” in a population of 60 Million – only Mbalula possibly believes this. Find me just one person…..

  • Allauddin Thobani Thobani says:

    FIKILE did not read final report of Zondo Commission

  • Yunus Scheepers says:

    Personally I hope the ANC does lay charges because then Andre has a reason to provide the evidence … which, I’m sure, would make for some interesting revelations … but I’m sure Fikile’s compatriots are already telling him to “shudup” so I doubt it will happen. I loved JC’s comment below about how useful he is … well, he’s as useful as a chocolate fireplace but good for a laugh.

  • Paul Jackson says:

    Of the three issues that define the ANC, the worst is that nothing is ever their fault, they are responsible for nothing and accountable for less. The other two are being corrupt to their core, especially at branch and councilor level and as a collective, having no idea how to run a modern economy. The Eskom Crisis is not an engineering problem but a State Capture problem. In spite of what Fikile will have us believe, there is no doubt that the ANC authorised and at one stage, enthusiastically sponsored state capture. So the Eskom crisis is entirely the ANC’s fault. De Ruyters sudden departure is vintage ANC corruption cover up. Unfortunately, it also speaks volumes about the new Eskom Board.

  • Grant Turnbull says:

    This is definitely not the end of it. I have no doubt there will be a lot more coming from his trip abroad and into the safety of the west. It will be interesting to see if the plant a stooge in the CEO position to comply with their corrupt masters or whether there will be a genuine attempt to fix this issue with full political backing. Somehow I doubt it. Certainly no euro CEO’s – they can’t keep their mouth shut.
    With the price of electricity climbing at a rate way above inflation – the business should be really strong – but that’s not the case. De Ruyter must be correct on this issue, or the business would be booming.
    I want to rather see the ANC justify why the cost of electricity rises at a huge pace while the generation is dropping like a stone. The only answer is De Ruyter’s.
    A really brave man – we need more of him in SA.

  • Helen Swingler says:

    Mr Mbalula, Mr De Ruter recently survived poisoned coffee and you expect him to name names you’re perfectly familiar with? The incompetence lies with the governing party, which has been shown up time and again. Flip through the Zondo Commission’s reports for a recap of what is really unacceptable to the people of this country.

  • Nos Feratu says:

    Another bout of hysteria by mr FixFokol. Tragic but hilarious. Commenting on another article one of your readers said he is about as useful as a chocolate fireplace. I wholeheartedly agree.

  • us says:

    Who would you believe – a CEO with better options in the private sector who tries to turn things around, faces resistance and political attacks, experiences death threats and an attempt on his life, but still speaks out. Vs the ANC…. which denies that it is corrupt.


  • Gerhard Swiegers says:

    Politicians may say anything and do anything. CEO’s, those who have the real responsibility, may not. Did it ever occur to Mr Mbalula that it was the ANC’s political meddling, from the time of Thabo Mbeki that is mainly responsible for bringing Eskom to its knees? And all other SOE’s? Is his memory so short that he forgets the verdict of the Zondo Commission?

  • Ludovici DIVES says:

    Mbalula past speaks for itself. The stronger the denials the weaker they sound.

  • Des Clark says:

    I would really request that DM and others pursue this more thoroughly. Follow the money! It would be really interesting to know where the ANC got its funds from before the limit of R100k without reporting was legislated.
    Failure of SOE’s and ANC (in)solvency coinciding is just too much of a coincidence. Now the ANC wants to increase the limit, not a chance.

  • Stephen Kettlety says:

    I think it would be great for the ANC to take De Ruyter to court then all the information he has would be made public. I think this is the last thing the ANC will do, Minister Fear Fokkol is a moron of note.

  • Thomas Risi says:

    Where is the president. The president runs goverment not the secretary general. It is all tell and all very worring.

  • Lilla Amos says:

    Mbalula, Mantashe and even our finance minister’s reactions are spine chilling at best. The rotten ANC is going to continue the war against our country due to the deep and shameless greed and corruption. The ANC, yes the entire organisation, don’t care about the poor, the voters or anyone else, period!

  • Jane Crankshaw says:

    Nobody I know, believes one word that comes out of the mouth of the ANC …they wouldn’t know or acknowledge the truth if it hit them in the face! The ANC has had 30 years to prove they are worthy of the position as the Government of SouthAfrica and all they’ve done is steal, cheat and lie and more of the same. Corrupt, inept and pathetic are the only words to describe these turkeys….. and they have joined all the other governments of African countries who couldn’t organise a pissup in a brewery but certainly know how to rob the taxpayer and feather their own nests with illgotten gains. What a bunch of useless lying oxygen thieves!

  • Jennifer Hughes says:

    “… while affirming that the ANC “is not corrupt” and does not protect individuals involved in wrongdoing.” But the thing is, we are already aware of massive corruption and hiding of corruption within the ANC, so it’s quite easy to believe De Ruyter, isn’t it? Sorry, Mbalula, how about you give us some proof to the contrary, m’kay?

  • Ian McClure says:

    I fear for Mr de Ruyter – TIA !
    60-70 hired killers in the mix ( as with taxis , ANC councillors etc etc )
    I think when we look back at history , these revelations will have the same outcome as the shocking events ( with huge respect) concerning Mr Biko .
    But if you have an ANC ( racial usually ) scapegoat , the masses will believe – and this beautiful country will continue to be strangled .
    And the moderate / sensible opposition ( who do not absurdly call each other ” comrade ” – about 80 years after relevance ) will continue to squabble because someone’s wife had an affair .
    Shame on you all !

  • Hugo Luyt says:

    De Ruyter should just submit the entire Zondo report as proof of ANC corruption, maybe as an addendum to whatever he found.

  • Hilary Morris says:

    And our president in ensuring peace in the rest of Africa. Don’t blame him, I wouldn’t want to deal with the utter chaos caused by his colleagues. Mbalula is terrifyingly stupid in his comments. Even he can’t believe the crap he talks. He is as crooked as the rest of them. What the hell happened to follow-the-dots Gordhan. So sad to see a previously good man join the mafia crooks! Sies! Down with the ANC. KICK THEM OUT.

  • Andrew McWalter says:

    No sane South African believes a word the ANC or its corrupt politicians say. They have destroyed almost every state organ and laid waste to the economy. No-one else in power. Just the ANC. For 28 years. Total control. And yet the ANC’s minions fling the mud far and wide, for there’s nary even a dirty nappy anywhere within the ANC! Despite bluster and protestations, their dwindling ranks reveal the chilling depth of their heartless depravity.

  • Beyond Fedup says:

    Get lost Mbalula! You are nothing but a pathetic clown and a buffoon to boot in the Carl Niehaus mould. All hot toxic air in typical fashion. It is your odious party and government that has stolen this country blind and betrayed its people. What more proof do you need? Just look at the state of this country. What you people touch turns to theft, breakage and destruction. De Ruyter doesn’t have to prove anything, especially to imbeciles like you and your party. Everybody knows that Eskom and most other SOEs are huge feeding troughs for you degenerates. It is only those like you that willingly and knowingly turn a blind eye to it that demand proof. Wake up!!

  • Luan Nel says:

    What is striking is Mbalula’s extremely melodramatic outrage vs De Reyter’s calm, even-toned responses in the interview, simply telling the truth. The ESKOM saga should be turned into an opera or a musical at the very least

  • Tana Speck says:

    I really think the onus is now on the thugs that run our country to provide evidence that they are not involved… ha ha ha
    What a brave man.. we are done

  • jcdville stormers says:

    Completely failed, you are speaking of yourself Mbalula,you and your useless thieving cohorts.

  • Phillip van der Westhuizen says:

    After neglecting and mismanagement of a utility for about 26 years, the ANC expected a single man to rectify the problem in 3 years (without support and undermining his efforts).
    A lot of corruption (or gross inefficiency) is going on under the camouflage of BBBEE as well, if you look at Eskom (and all state departments and local governments) contracts.
    I just hope that Mr de Ruyter kept copies of the cases reported to the police.
    In Mbalula’s rant it is a question of the wood fired pot calling a shiny stainless steel pot, black

  • Andre Engelbrecht says:

    I fear for the lives of ADR and his family. Hopefully someone, like Rob Hersov or AfriForum, will volunteer to protect them from this terrible organisation

  • Brian Cotter says:

    “The ANC does not support corruption. The ANC is not corrupt. The ANC will not protect corrupt individuals,” Mbalula claimed. Mmmm. Justice Zondo, what do you make of that statement? How many billion Rands spent, tons of paper processed, reports made which proved the above statement wrong. The empty vessel Mbalula makes the most noise.

  • Hugo Luyt says:

    People in glass houses should not throw stones.

  • virginia crawford says:

    Fikile is clearly completely unaware of the Zondo Report. Of course there is massive theft and corruption at Eskom: why hasn’t this been investigated and why are there so few prosecutions? Political interference, probably. This has been widely reported on the BBC World Service and Eskom has declined to comment on allegations of corruption – can anyone guess why?

  • ANC must GO says:

    COP26 $8,5B donors must insist that the disbursement of this fund should be managed by De Ruyter.

  • chulleyrsa says:

    I suppose the appointment of Zweli Mkhize to Luthuli House is proof that the ANC takes corruption seriously…….. NOOOOT

  • Jane Crankshaw says:

    The taxpayer challengers you, Fikile Bhalula to prove that he is wrong! Start by giving us our electricity back! This SOE was a functioning successful unit when the ANC took over and look it it now. That to me, says it all and is proof enough!

  • Katharine Ambrose says:

    “Argument weak shout louder” is typical Mbalula style. The chilling start to that interview where Annika Larsen says she felt it was important to hear de Rutter because he was at risk of death will stay with me for a long time. The ANC is dangerous when cornered by honest citizens and whistle blowers

  • quinton says:

    I simply can not add anything more to all the painfully but truthful comments below. Let’s hope and pray that the overwhelming populous has the foresight to see through these lies and vote for change in 2024.

  • Dennis Bailey says:

    If you whistleblow, you get poisoned or shot, failing which, you get called a traitor and hung out to dry by the very people that asked/ paid you to whistleblow. Zapiro no doubt is working on a cartoon.

  • L Dennis says:

    What’s done in darkness will come to light. Wow to you that call evil good and good evil.

  • Easy Does It says:

    Knee jerk from Mr Do Fokol. A simple lesson for you is if I wanted to be released with immediate effect, I will speak the TRUTH and you will do the rest. He played you lot like fools. He also knows that you will blow hot air and NEVER take him to court to expose yourselves. The DA is going to do that.

    TheANC gave him support until he will not allow cabinet members or anybody to eat – $8.5 million???
    Even if the ANC does investigate. – corrupt people will be appointed to investigate corrupt cabinet members is going nowhere

  • Trevor Jones says:

    As “swallows”, we spend half the year in SA, and half in Europe.
    We find it particularly annoying to pay for a 24/7 service that is cut off up to eight or ten hours a day. Prices here for electricity are not cheap.

    In France there would be riots, and a strong possibility that those responsible would be guillotined.
    Why Saffers just shrug their shoulders and put up with it is beyond our understanding.

  • Kirsten du Toit says:

    The time of your credibility has long left you Mr Mbulala, oh serpentine speaker for LaLa Land Inc. currently ensconced as a card paying member and feeder at the trough in LaLaVille, painfully paid for by the impoverished citizens of SA, you know, don’t you, that real country with real citizens, disempowered as they are. As you rightfully say, better to keep them in the dark, given a bit of light there will be a pandemic of right wingers demanding accountability. Can’t have that, defend the trough at all costs Mr Lala of Lalaland, it’s only at the expense of every good person in SA after all. Nothing to worry your important self about. What a Feeder!

  • Ian Callender-Easby says:

    The only challenge Mr Fokol should issue is to a poodle in a bubble bath.

  • Ian Schofield Schofield says:

    Typical of the ANC. Attack the individual and ignore the problem. Rather they should look into the problems and sort them out. What good is taking de ruyter to court when he has stated that his concerns have fallen on deaf ears and totally ignored. Just wasting more taxpayers money and perpetuating the problem and not doing their own job.

  • Patterson Alan John says:

    ‘Hope’ – a feeling of expectation and desire for a particular thing to happen.
    In 1993, when living in Umtata, we saw the writing on the wall.
    In 2023, when living in Australia, we are reading the copious writings on the walls.
    Any expectation for change in the affairs of South Africa will be for the worse. Nothing and no-one will ever reverse the decline to the lowest common denominator. Don’t fool yourself that a knight in shining armour will save the day.
    If you can leave the country, your hope for a better future will deliver better things. As hard as it was to go then, we have celebrated our common sense that overcame the emotion to stay.
    While the ANC has been destroying everything for 30 years in SA, we have enjoyed 30 years of living a wonderful life in a true democracy, where everything works every day.
    Expecting a better Government if the ANC is defeated, is as possible as nailing a bubble to a wall.

  • Tim Price says:

    More lies from a minion of the biggest criminal gang in the country – the good old #voetsekANC. The parasites destroying SA’s future one tender at a time while supporting war criminals like Putin.

  • John Smythe says:

    Glub.. Glub…. Glub… Glub…..

  • Martin V says:

    Sadly, a better way to describe his claims is inevitable rather than baseless. There was the tiniest part of me that had some hope for the ANC under Ramaphosa, but in this instance, the moment Gwede started opening his mouth those few months ago, there was clearly something to be hidden.

    I wish the majority of the population would see and understand the sick and evil people running this country. This ANC government is one that will happily let the population suffer, will seemingly try to assassinate people, kill whistleblowers and more all for their own greed.

  • Scott Gordon says:

    So much has changed since we all got to vote in 94 .
    Forget all the allegations etc etc .
    Fact is , Escom has been run as an SOE by the ANC .
    It is in its death throes .
    All thanks to the ANC .
    They are jointly responsible .
    Can you take a political party to court ?
    Yes the plants are old , am 68 I work ok 🙂
    That is apart from the bad design from Hitatchi /ANC .
    Just wonder how long a repair lasts ?
    If we cut some corners , will be back next month !
    Just wonder about all the shock and aprobium .
    What sunglasses were you wearing 15 years ago ?
    In 2-3 years time , a few small stations will be forced to close .
    Koeberg ? Dodgy at best costs billions for not much .
    Sure , go solar , less income for Escom .
    I was a Cub , then a Boy Scout , am prepared .
    Regime change is only a start .
    2024 , if it does not happen , tough .
    I am single and have a few good years to live .
    Escom cannot maintain the fleet , why ?
    You take your car in for service and it breaks on the forecourt ?
    STS is fix one unit properly at a time . Why not last 6 months ?
    Get all the teams in one place , fix it and move .
    That said , anyone seeking to ‘liberate ‘ my solar panels , does so at their peril !
    Regardless of what the ex CEO said , could have spoken earlier , what is the worst they can do ? Fire you ?
    Fact still remains the ANC is solely resonsible .

  • Ann Bown says:

    We should ask a former investigative journalist who exposed Eskom shenanigans for 15 years, who is now the utilities spokesperson to reveal all??? It’s time to speak out Mr Sikonathi Mantshantsha!

  • Libby De Villiers says:

    This is the worst statement to date by this utter bonehead!
    It is too sad to be funny any more.
    What do you take us for?
    Maybe tell us why everything is broken, nothing works, the country is bankrupt, people are hungry and destitute? Not the ANC? Not idiots like you? How did this happen? Come on – TELL US!

  • Fanie Rajesh Ngabiso says:

    The truth often hurts.

    What you do with it is the mark of true leadership.

  • Rainer Thiel says:

    Not entirely surprising, but still shocking to hear from ADR that the COP26 $8.5 billion is under threat due to efforts by the state to “water down” the governance structures around it.

  • Ashley Stone says:

    Please God let the ANC take him to court. This way in the discovery process we will know all there is to know.
    Not going to happen!
    Please Andre take up the challenge!

  • Peter Dexter says:

    Why was Hitachi fined U$ 19m for Foreign Corrupt Practices in bribing the ANC via Chancellor House? Was that not just a little bit corrupt, or the ANC’s turn to eat a bit?

  • andrea96 says:

    I am being prevented from posting a comment because when I press Post, this message comes up”
    “Links and/or URLs are not allowed, please remove the URL and re-submit your comment”
    My comment has no links or URL’s. What is going on? DM. Please advise.

  • Angela Sayer-Farley says:

    What fascinates me is that no-one else seems to have watched the Checkpoint episode that directly preceded Anika Larsen’s interview of Andre de Ruyter on ENCA. Much of the corruption that De Ruyter referred to was graphically illustrated in that programme. I don’t think it is necessary to take him to court – must we demand everything on a plate? – he dropped so many clues: the 4 cartels, the private parking-lot in (was it?) Emahleni where the ultra-wealthy beneficiaries of Eskom corruption are allowed to park their luxury cars, etc; the cabinet minister who is known to be ‘feeding’… Not long ago he announced that 3 illegal coal-storage facilities where coal was being exchanged for shale had been discovered. When Eskom had gathered enough evidence, these were reported to police and the head-honchos were arrested. Only to be RELEASED THE VERY NEXT DAY! How hard can it be to trace these cases, these coal storage fields, those arrested and released? This is where we need you Afriforum… OUTA… even the DA, to follow up. De Ruyter has already been called ‘right-wing’ by that lazy idiot Mbalula, so what’s to lose? Sticks and stones…

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