This Weekend We’re Watching: Steak Revolution, Williams and Patrick Melrose

By Antoinette Muller 8 June 2018

Photo: SKY / Showtime

We’re leaning to the sporting themes this weekend, but we’ve got plenty of binge-worthy suggestions if you’re looking for ways to waste time.

Steak Revolution

You might think you know what makes the perfect steak, but do you really know?

The 2014 documentary goes in search of all the components of the perfect hunk of meat. Farmers, chefs and butchers all chime in with their advice.

If you’re the foodie sort, very little about this is going to set your world alight, but it’s a nice enough indulgence if you’re looking to detach from reality for a little while.

You’ll also learn a few tips and tricks for how to judge a good steak like you might judge the grapes for a good wine.

Disclaimer: Probably not safe for vegans.

Available on Netflix.


First released in 2017, Williams tells the story of Sir Frank Williams and his racing empire.

Even if Formula 1 isn’t your thing, there’s enough human interest to keep you glued to the screen. The archive footage of how racing used to be will make you cringe and the character of the man himself, who suffered a near fatal crash, is endearing.

It might, at times, feels like its bordering on voyeurism, but the family’s links to the racing team cannot be separated.

Moving, insightful and worth a watch.

Available on Netflix.

We’re looking forward to: Patrick Melrose

If you’re a fan of Benedict Cumberbatch, you’ll love this. Based on the novels of the same name by Edward St Aubyn, Patrick Melrose looks like it’s going to be a binge-worthy hit.

Cumberbatch delivers a brilliant performance as a drug-addled aristocrat, in a series that deals with many difficult themes without any fear.

It’s packed with dark humour and a brutally honest depiction of addiction, even if the addict in question is from a different world from what you might know.

South African release date not yet available.

Video of the Week: Mad Max Go-Kart Paintball War

Ride into Valhalla, shiny and chrome! Only, in a go-kart and covered in paint. The Fury Road is festooned with post-apocalyptic misery. But that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be a fun ride out.

Flixation: November 13: Attack on Paris – the bare bones of terror

Stardust and confetti. Cellphones ringing. And silence. You might think you’re at a wedding under a starlit sky. But “stardust and confetti” are how a man describes the aftermath of a suicide bomber blowing himself up. The cellphones are hidden in a “hill” of human bodies in the “pit” at a theatre. They won’t be answered. Read Tony Jackman’s full review here.

Quick Hits

South Africa take on England in the first of three Tests, where Siya Kolisi will make history. The full second season of Designated Survivor is still available on Netflix if you feel like a binge and on Showmax, Crossing The Line, is waiting for you if you’re ready to relive the trauma of the Aussies’ balls-up in South Africa earlier in the year. DM


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